International Dunnage bags are the convenient way to protect your goods from being damaged during shipping. They have an outstanding load stabilizing capacity and resistance to load shifting. International Dunnage bags can withstand tons of pressure. The durability of International Dunnage bags lies in their well-designed structure. They are composed of an air-tight polyethylene inner layer, with an inflating and deflating valve, and a strong and elastic polywoven outer layer.

Standard Bags

Standard bags take the shape of a pillow when they are inflated. They are used between the voids that are up to 12” (30cm) wide. International Dunnage standard bags come in 4 different levels: L1, L2, L3&4, and L5 with a wide range of dimensions and are AAR verified. L1 bags can be produced with our patented Safe-Lock, Jet-Flow or Combo valves. For higher levels, we use Safe-Lock or Combo valves. View our Standard Sizes

Square Bags

The International Dunnage square airbag was designed and created to serve as the primary function of bracing products with a void space greater than 12 inches wide which cannot be filled with a standard dunnage bags. They are also reusable like rest of International Dunnage bags. Made with moisture resistant material, and an extremely durable outer shell, the International Dunnage square bags are also AAR certified. They are not made for heavy duty purposes.

square dunnage bag
shelftop dunnage bag
standard dunnage bag
multiple bladder layers of a dunnage bag
Standard dunnage bag between bulkhead fillers and stacked palettes of roofing shingles
Square dunnage bags cushioning between stacked boxes and container walls
Square dunnage bag between stacked palettes
standard dunnage bag between honeycomb void fillers and stacked palettes of canned goods

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Air Tools

Cordless Air Gun

A great, cost effective option that is less expensive than purchasing an air compressor and eliminates installing air lines. It has a High-Impact Durable Body and includes:

  • Accessory strap
  • Air chuck to fit your airbag
  • 18 V Battery
  • Battery charger
Cordless air gun

Monster Air Gun

Monster Air Gun is the fastest air tool in the industry and it is designed to be used with the Monster Filling Valves to have the optimum efficiency.

  • Helps you save time and increase productivity
  • Designed to support your hand comfortably
  • Durable, made of high impact plastic.
  • Light weight
Monster Gun
Valves for monster gun.

Mini Jetflow Gun

Mini Jetflow Gun has many advantages compared to other fast fill guns. The weak points of all fast fill guns have been evaluated and improved in this advanced design. Mini Jetflow Guns can be used in narrow voids due to its decreased dimensions; and will make inflating jobs enjoyable.

  • Fits into narrower voids - shorter in length
  • More robust body - supported pistol design
  • Longer life time - made of high performance materials
  • User friendly - ergonomic trigger design
  • Better grip - anti slip handle texture
  • 2 insert options - comes with red (high pressure) & black (low pressure inserts)
Mini Jetflow Gun
Valves for mini jetflow gun.



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