The woodcore panels function as load dividers and separators that are lightweight, strong, and very cost effective for the protection of your valuable freight. Woodcore panels and load divider panels are made from honeycomb and wood, typically 1x4 or 1x2 lumber. They are used in place of more expensive plywood sheets. The corrugated facing woodcore panels act as a buffer next to your product units. These panels are versatile and have multiple applications, examples listed below. 

Woodcore panels for protecting your valuable freight.
Woodcore panels for protecting your valuable freight.

Some specific applications:  

  • Place them vertically between stacks to prevent toppling
  • Use them as dividers between multiple shipments in one trailer
  • Place them horizontally on top of a stack to allow for safer and more stable double stacking
  • Use them on each side of an airbag to evenly distribute the force of the bag

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