Why Use Dunnage Bags

Why Use Dunnage Bags
10 Apr 2018 Superior Packaging Company

Load shifting is one of the main causes of product damage and loss during transportation. You can minimize the risks by bracing the loads in place with dunnage bags. International Dunnage bags protect your goods from the first point of packing to their destination thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

Ease of Use
Dunnage bags can easily be aired up in a few seconds by using compressed air and an inflator tool. No special skills are required; simply follow instructions printed on the bag labels. Minimum physical effort is required. They can easily be deflated by opening valve, without needing to puncture.

Cost Saving
Dunnage bags are inexpensive compared to other load securing techniques. The reduction of product loss is a huge savings for your bottom line. In addition, our poly-woven bags are reusable (for non rail applications in the US).

International Dunnage bags are produced under ISO 9001 standards and certified by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and the Railway Association of Canada (RAC). Strict quality controls are carried out at every stage of production.

Flexible Shape
Our bags are flexible, allowing you the advantage of filling every shape and odd space without damaging your goods. Due to their flexibility, they can fill a space up to 18" (in rail shipments the max is 14"), much larger compared to paper dunnage bags which can only fill a void up to 14".

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