Securing A Cargo Load Right With Multi-Layer Bladder Dunnage Bags

21 Aug 2017 Superior Packaging Company

We are delighted to offer this multi-layer bladder product. Our formatted bags are created with the latest technology and features to help you secure your loads easily and effectively.

Multi-Layer Bladder Air Bag

Combining four to eight layers of Polyethylene Film on each side, our bags offer superior protection to prevent and greatly eliminate leaking caused by pinholes. These pinholes often happen during the manufacturing of extruded films and user handling. The extra layers of protection ensure successful loading, safe transportation, and durability of airbags.

chart showing level, bag type and number of layers

The new innovation of a multi-ply bladder greatly increases the quality yet still provides the thickness of our mono-ply bladders. This multi-bladder concept exceeds durability capabilities of co-extrusion films as well as greatly improves the durability of mono-films.

graphic showing multiple layers of plyethylene film in the bladder

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