International Dunnage Polywoven Dunnage Airbag Advantages

International Dunnage Polywoven Dunnage Airbag Advantages
08 May 2018 Superior Packaging Company

Polywoven dunnage airbags are your best choice when looking for airbags. The quality when compared to paper is far superior at lower prices. Polywoven airbags do not require PE coating that paper bags need in order to provide moisture resistance. Polywoven airbags are manufactured using environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable virgin materials. Best of all, polywoven dunnage bags are reusable, deflate quickly on top of being lightweight and easy to store. Polywoven dunnage airbags is the dunnage bag of choice for shipping professionals everywhere. Whether your shipment method is rail, container, or truck, protect your products from damage with a strong dependable polywoven dunnage bag.

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