Dunnage Bags: Revolutionizing Domestic and International Shipping

16 May 2017 Superior Packaging Company

International Dunnage and Superior Packaging Company is the industry leader in the innovation of specialized damage prevention solutions for shipping in many industries. Dunnage bags have quickly become one of the most versatile ways to prevent your goods from being damaged during shipping. Read on to discover how International Dunnage and Superior Packaging Company are “securing today’s load with tomorrow’s technology.”

Avoiding Accidents
Using dunnage air bags will save you time and money. One of the main causes of accidents during transport is due to load shifting. By bracing the loads in place with dunnage bags, shipments are significantly less likely to become damaged in transit. International Dunnage bags are also produced under ISO 9001 standards and are certified by the Association of American Railroads and the Railway Association of Canada.

Dunnage bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are lightweight and easy to handle. Their durability, flexibility, water-resistant and lightweight design add to their international appeal. Our dunnage bags can also take the shape of odd or awkward configurations with ease, and can fill spaces up to 18”.

Ease of Use
Simple inflation and deflation instructions are printed directly on each dunnage bag. Dunnage air bags can easily be inflated in mere seconds by using compressed air and the inflator tool. They are just as easily deflated without puncturing by opening the valve on the dunnage bags. Their lightweight design also makes them easy to handle and store for later use.

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