Dunnage Bags Make Memorial Weekend Safer!

Dunnage Bags Make Memorial Weekend Safer!
23 May 2018 Superior Packaging Company

A dunnage bag may be the perfect tool for you to use this Memorial Weekend! Here are some fun ideas people have used dunnage bags for in the past. Of course, dunnage bags are not manufactured for these applications, and please use at your own risk. They can actually help make installing your dock easier than ever this summer. Not only do dunnage bags help stabilize your cargo during shipping, they can help keep your dock suspended, making it easier for you to put your dock in place! Another creative tip and great use for dunnage bags is to use them as a cushion between your pickup and camper! Dunnage bags are also easily recycled! If you have any extra dunnage bags left from transporting cargo, you can use them as a cover for any patio furniture or they also work as a perfect BBQ cover!

Dunnage bags can make a dangerous activity like installing a dock or hauling a camper, easier and safer for you this year. From International Dunnage & Superior Packaging Company we hope that you have a fun and safe Memorial Weekend!

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