Our customer service experts are recognized for providing top notch service, which truly sets us apart from our competition. They provide the care and support while working with you to identify which products are the best fit for your shipping needs. Finding the correct size and type of dunnage bags can be a complex process, but our team ensures complete satisfaction.

International Dunnage is the leading manufacturer of dunnage bags to the world market. The business continues to expand and provide the most innovative solutions for protecting products during shipping. Currently, United States distribution centers are located in Minnesota, Washington, and Georgia; Canadian distribution center is located in Ontario. A large amount of inventory is available in all locations so we can best serve clients who may require immediate delivery. We work with clients throughout the country and international businesses as well. We pride ourselves on providing cost effective dunnage bag solutions to reduce all modes of transportation damage problems. We are the ideal damage prevention device provider for all type of shipping packages, rolls, cartons, skids, pallets, and good for direct rail and truck shipments, as well as intermodal shipments.

Our integrated production process consists of cutting, printing, heat sealing and sewing by utilizing the latest technology and equipment. Quality controls are carried out at each stage of the production. In early stages, tapes and fabrics are tested for their tensile strengths. 100% of the valves pass through an air leakage test before being used. Flat wall pressure test is applied to finished bags. Burst tests are also randomly applied to the bags taken off the production line. Each bag is tagged with a barcode label to enable the traceability during and after production. All our bags are produced under strict ISO 9001 standards.

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