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Dunnage Bags

The convenient way to protect your goods from being damaged during shipping. They have an outstanding load stabilizing capacity and resistance to load shifting.

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You can minimize the risks of load shifting by bracing the loads in place with dunnage bags. International Dunnage bags protect your goods.

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International Dunnage is the manufacturer of dunnage bags throughout the world and a supplier of a variety of load securement products to meet all of the needs of our customers. We provide the solutions and ingenuity to exceed our clients' expectations.

Dunnage Bags

The most convenient and cost effective way to protect your goods from damage during shipping. Avoid accidents using the safest, easiest, and environmentally friendly method and product for the transportation of your valued goods.

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Are you currently using dunnage bags and interested in receiving the best price? Or are you considering using dunnage bags for the first time? We provide the best cost options for all of your dunnage bags needs.

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We work continuously to develop and produce the most effective and improved solutions for all your shipping needs and methods.

Cordless air gun.

New Product

Cordless Air Gun

This new air gun is a great, cost effective option that is cheaper than purchasing an air compressor and installing air lines. Use this to inflate anytime, anywhere. Examples, inflate bags between stops or or in areas of distribution where compressed air is not allowed.

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International Dunnage Bags has been the world wide manufacturer for over two decades. We provide practical solutions for all of your shipping needs and top notch customer service.

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Minimize the risks of load shifting by bracing the loads in place with dunnage bags and protect your goods to their final destination to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Dunnage bags are inexpensive compared to other load securing techniques. In addition, International Dunnage bags are reusable (for non-rail applications in the USA).

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Dunnage bags can easily be aired up in a few seconds by using an inflator tool. No special skills are required; and can easily be deflated by opening the valve, without needing to puncture.

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International Dunnage bags are lightweight, resistant to moisture and water ingress; and are environmentally friendly - produced from 100% recyclable virgin materials.

Latest News

Stay up to date on all of the latest news in shipping solutions. Educating our clients on all aspects specific to dunnage bags is an important aspect of our customer service.

  • Get the Best Price on Dunnage Air Bags

    It’s that time of year again! Fiscal years are coming to an end and upcoming budgets are getting set. You may notice several companies adjusting prices that may exceed your budget. If you have experienced any increased pricing in dunnage airbags from your current supplier, now is the time to give us a call. We can work with any budget and optimize both your sizes utilized and quantities needed to provide the best pricing with a superior product. Give us the opportunity to show you true savings for your dunnage airbag needs. Text

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    Get the Best Price on Dunna...

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • Standard Bag Sizes or Custom?

    International Dunnage provides a wide range of standard sized dunnage bags for use in shipping a variety of products. Please review our size charts below.

    Don’t see the size you’re looking for?
    Want your logo on your airbag?
    These are all possibilities with International Dunnage. We can customize your bag based on your Dunnage needs!

    Please inquire by emailing us at or call 1-800-705-5279.

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    Standard Bag Sizes or Custom?

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • Cordless power blower anytime, anywhere!

    This new air gun is Ideal for:

    • Inflating airbags between stops for over the road trucks.
    • Areas in your distribution where compressed air in not allowed

    A great, cost effective option that is less expensive than purchasing an air compressor and eliminates the need to install air lines. Made with a High-Impact Durable Body, it also includes:

    • Accessory strap
    • Air chuck to fit your airbag
    • 18 V Battery
    • Battery Charger

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    Cordless power blower anyti...

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • Securing A Cargo Load Right With Multi-Layer Bladder Dunnage Bags

    We are delighted to offer this multi-layer bladder product. Our formatted bags are created with the latest technology and features to help you secure your loads easily and effectively. Text

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    Securing A Cargo Load Right...

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • SafeLock and JetFlow: What is the Difference?

    International Dunnage offers two different types of valves for your dunnage bag needs. What is the difference? Text

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    SafeLock and JetFlow: What ...

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • Dunnage Bags: Revolutionizing Domestic and International Shipping

    International Dunnage and Superior Packaging Company is the industry leader in the innovation of specialized damage prevention solutions for shipping in many industries. Dunnage bags have quickly become one of the most versatile ways to prevent your goods from being damaged during shipping. Read on to discover how International Dunnage and Superior Packaging Company are “securing today’s load with tomorrow’s technology.” Text

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    Dunnage Bags: Revolutionizi...

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • We’ve Got Quality Control In The Bag!

    Quality is our highest priority and is carried out at each stage of the production of our dunnage bags, so no need to worry about accidents during transport. The durability of International Dunnage bags lies in their well-designed structure. They are composed of an air-tight polyethylene inner layer, with an inflating and deflating valve, and a strong elastic poly woven outer layer.  Text

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    We’ve Got Quality Control I...

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • Welcome to Our New Website!

    Welcome to our new website, your home for all things dunnage bags. Our new mobile-friendly design and intuitive user interface will allow International Dunnage and Superior Packaging Company the opportunity to better serve our customers by providing quality dunnage bags for domestic and international shipping needs. Click here to request a quote.  Text

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    Welcome to Our New Website!

    By: Superior Packaging Company
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