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Dunnage Bags

The convenient way to protect your goods from being damaged during shipping. They have an outstanding load stabilizing capacity and resistance to load shifting.

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You can minimize the risks of load shifting by bracing the loads in place with dunnage bags. International Dunnage bags protect your goods.

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International Dunnage is the manufacturer of dunnage bags throughout the world and a supplier of a variety of load securement products to meet all of the needs of our customers. We provide the solutions and ingenuity to exceed our clients' expectations.

Dunnage Bags

The most convenient and cost effective way to protect your goods from damage during shipping. Avoid accidents using the safest, easiest, and environmentally friendly method and product for the transportation of your valued goods.

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Are you currently using dunnage bags and interested in receiving the best price? Or are you considering using dunnage bags for the first time? We provide the best cost options for all of your dunnage bags needs.

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We work continuously to develop and produce the most effective and improved solutions for all your shipping needs and methods.

Cordless air gun.

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Cordless Air Gun

This new air gun is a great, cost effective option that is cheaper than purchasing an air compressor and installing air lines. Use this to inflate anytime, anywhere. Examples, inflate bags between stops or or in areas of distribution where compressed air is not allowed.

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International Dunnage Bags has been the world wide manufacturer for over two decades. We provide practical solutions for all of your shipping needs and top notch customer service.

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Minimize the risks of load shifting by bracing the loads in place with dunnage bags and protect your goods to their final destination to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Dunnage bags are inexpensive compared to other load securing techniques. In addition, International Dunnage bags are reusable (for non-rail applications in the USA).

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Dunnage bags can easily be aired up in a few seconds by using an inflator tool. No special skills are required; and can easily be deflated by opening the valve, without needing to puncture.

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International Dunnage bags are lightweight, resistant to moisture and water ingress; and are environmentally friendly - produced from 100% recyclable virgin materials.

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Stay up to date on all of the latest news in shipping solutions. Educating our clients on all aspects specific to dunnage bags is an important aspect of our customer service.

  • Are you a distributor?

    We work with distributors nationwide to help deliver the best quality product to their customers while offering them a savings.

    We specialize in making sure your customer has the correct dunnage for their application and needs to protect their product from damage during transit.

    With 24+ years’ experience you can trust we will help solve any challenges you and your customers may be encountering.

    If your company is interested in becoming a distributor of best-in-industry quality and value-oriented products, we'd love to hear from you!

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    Are you a distributor?

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • Maximum Product Protection

    Are you currently encountering damage to your product during shipment? Text

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    Maximum Product Protection

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  • Happy Labor Day!

    Today is a day to celebrate and take some much deserved time for the American labor force. It is a day to rejoice and enjoy. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country. Let us honor the dedicated employees of our company and let us celebrate this wonderful day with high energy and warmth. Heartfelt wishes to you all on Labor Day. May you all always shine bright!!!  Text

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    Happy Labor Day!

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • International Dunnage Airbags - durability and best stability for all types of loads.

    International Dunnage bags are extremely durable and can be used in dry and wet conditions. These bags are best for all types of loads across all industries. Our Dunnage airbags have greater elasticity than Kraft paper dunnage airbags which allows for more surface contact with the pallets. This results in better load stability and provides the ultimate protection for your cargo. Our airbag material provides greater tear strength and is moisture resistant. Polywoven airbags typically have greater reuse opportunities due to the durability of the woven material, and are recyclable. Text

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    International Dunnage Airba...

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • Best Customer Service for all your Dunnage Bag Needs

    Our dedicated team of specialists have long backgrounds in the dunnage bag industry. Through our knowledge, experience, and expertise, we have advised thousands of clients worldwide how to properly protect their products for the best price and the best way available.  Text

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    Best Customer Service for a...

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • Quality Dunnage Bags is Our #1 Priority

    Quality is our highest priority and is carried out at each stage of production for all our dunnage bags. Our integrated production consists of cutting, heat sealing, and sewing by utilizing the latest technology and equipment. 100% of the valves pass through an air leakage test before use. A flat, wall pressure test is applied to finished bags, and a burst test is applied to the bags taken off the production line. Each dunnage bag is tagged with a barcode label to enable the traceability during and after production. All our dunnage bags are produced under strict ISO 9001 standards as well as Verified by the Association of American Railroads. Text

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    Quality Dunnage Bags is Our...

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • Dunnage Bags Make Memorial Weekend Safer!

    A dunnage bag may be the perfect tool for you to use this Memorial Weekend! Here are some fun ideas people have used dunnage bags for in the past. Of course, dunnage bags are not manufactured for these applications, and please use at your own risk. They can actually help make installing your dock easier than ever this summer. Not only do dunnage bags help stabilize your cargo during shipping, they can help keep your dock suspended, making it easier for you to put your dock in place! Another creative tip and great use for dunnage bags is to use them as a cushion between your pickup and camper! Dunnage bags are also easily recycled! If you have any extra dunnage bags left from transporting cargo, you can use them as a cover for any patio furniture or they also work as a perfect BBQ cover!  Text

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    Dunnage Bags Make Memorial ...

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • International Dunnage Polywoven Dunnage Airbag Advantages

    Polywoven dunnage airbags are your best choice when looking for airbags. The quality when compared to paper is far superior at lower prices. Polywoven airbags do not require PE coating that paper bags need in order to provide moisture resistance. Polywoven airbags are manufactured using environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable virgin materials. Best of all, polywoven dunnage bags are reusable, deflate quickly on top of being lightweight and easy to store. Polywoven dunnage airbags is the dunnage bag of choice for shipping professionals everywhere. Whether your shipment method is rail, container, or truck, protect your products from damage with a strong dependable polywoven dunnage bag.  Text

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    International Dunnage Polyw...

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  • Dunnage Air Bags Custom Option

    International Dunnage stocks the most common sizes of airbags used in the transport of goods. Several factors impact the size of the airbag necessary for peak performance such as: weight of the product, the void size and the transportation method. An optimal bag size will have maximum surface coverage of the product it is bracing without protruding above the product.  Text

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    Dunnage Air Bags Custom Option

    By: Superior Packaging Company
  • Why Use Dunnage Bags

    Load shifting is one of the main causes of product damage and loss during transportation. You can minimize the risks by bracing the loads in place with dunnage bags. International Dunnage bags protect your goods from the first point of packing to their destination thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

    Ease of Use
    Dunnage bags can easily be aired up in a few seconds by using compressed air and an inflator tool. No special skills are required; simply follow instructions printed on the bag labels. Minimum physical effort is required. They can easily be deflated by opening valve, without needing to puncture.

    Cost Saving
    Dunnage bags are inexpensive compared to other load securing techniques. The reduction of product loss is a huge savings for your bottom line. In addition, our poly-woven bags are reusable (for non rail applications in the US).

    International Dunnage bags are produced under ISO 9001 standards and certified by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and the Railway Association of Canada (RAC). Strict quality controls are carried out at every stage of production.

    Flexible Shape
    Our bags are flexible, allowing you the advantage of filling every shape and odd space without damaging your goods. Due to their flexibility, they can fill a space up to 18" (in rail shipments the max is 14"), much larger compared to paper dunnage bags which can only fill a void up to 14".

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    Why Use Dunnage Bags

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